An Online Resource Guide for Teachers, Students and Parents by Magda Martinez

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1st Year Teachers
Teaching Strategies
Other Content Areas (New 10/17)
Graphic Organizers
Hispanic Heritage Month
U.S.History Graphic Organizers
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Learn English!
World Geography
World History
U.S. History
8th Grade
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San Antonio I.S.D. Downloads/World Geography Lessons/U.S. Census
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Black History Month

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Famous Speeches (download free)

Archive of presidential t.v. ads

Reading Strategies (especially useful for ELL)

U.S. Department of Education

Powerpoints and more (World History, World Geo.,U.S.,Econ.,and more)

Historical Political Cartoons

U.S. History (excellent site)

A Guide to Geneology (Interview Questions)

Glencoe Links

Grading With Rubrics

Historical Documents

Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans Reference Desk

Lots of Links to Social Studies Lesson Plans

Money and U.S. Elections (campaign finance updates)

Media/Audio Visual Aids

Primary Sources

United Streaming

CommonCause(Political Action Committees)

Constitution Day Activities

Landmark Supreme Court Cases (lots of activities)

Authentic History (Great historical multi-media site)

Easy Citation Machine (MLA, APA and others)