An Online Resource Guide for Teachers, Students and Parents by Magda Martinez

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1st Year Teachers
Teaching Strategies
Other Content Areas (New 10/17)
Graphic Organizers
Hispanic Heritage Month
U.S.History Graphic Organizers
New Links
Learn English!
World Geography
World History
U.S. History
8th Grade
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Interactive Notebooks
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San Antonio I.S.D. Downloads/World Geography Lessons/U.S. Census
Powerpoint Presentations
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Black History Month

All Content Areas

Weebly (All Content Areas) You'll love this!

Math and English Practice Tests (All Grade Levels)

Math and Science

Math and Logic

Animated Geometric Constructions

Algebra I Practice Questions (Great Online Interactive Resource)

Khan Academy (Mathematics) Join up--Free

Khan Academy (Other content including Chemistry, Economics, Test Prep, etc...) Free! For teachers, parents and students...

Inner Body (2D and 3D)

Lots of cool simulations for the science classroom (mini video clips) free :)

The Best Science Websites for Teachers and Students

Great Tech Apps

Cool Science Resources

English Language Arts and Reading

Writing tips, grammar and mechanics

ELA Common Core Standards

Reading Strategies

Share My Lesson

National Council of Teachers of English


Amazing Lesson Plans All Grade Levels (Middle and High School)

Cool Lesson Plans (Listen and Draw)

Interactive Weebly

Download Free Lessons (All Grade Levels!)

National Art Education Association (Lots of Resources and Grants)

Texas Art Education Association

Creativity Resources

Teacher Lesson Plans (download/free)

Wise Old Sayings; Grammar Resource Guide

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