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8th Grade Social Studies

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8th Grade Social Studies:  From Colonial times to the Civil War

Salem Witch Trials

Road to Revolution (powerpoint)

1792 to 1800 Election Results PowerPoint

American Expansionism

The Louisiana Purchase (powerpoint)

Constitutional Convention (powerpoint)

Articles of Confederation (weaknesses) Powerpoint

American Revolution Critical Period (powerpoint)

French and Indian War (powerpoint)

Mayflower Compact powerpt.

Salem Witch Trial Lesson/Powerpt.

Great Awakenings (powerpoint)

Colonial Life Powerpoint

Monroe Doctrine (Excellent Political Cartoons with Questions)

Industrialization Powerpoint

Industrial Revolution Powerpoint

Civil War: Compromises/Foldables


States Seceded Foldable

Civil War Era 1 (Flashcards/Foldable)

Civil War Era 2 (Flashcards/Foldables)

Civil War Era 3 (Flashcards/Foldables)

13th, 14th & 15th Amendments Foldable

Civil War Leaders Foldable Pocket Book Foldable

Civil War Foldable

Dred Scott v. Sanford Lesson Plan

Marbury v. Madison Lesson Plan

Manifest Destiny Powerpoint

Preamble Jigsaw Collage

Thirteen Colonies Powerpoint

Great powerpoints!

U.S. History (Colonial to Civil War)

Constitution Powerpoint

Constitution Jeopardy

American Revolution Powerpoint

Principles of the Constitution (Powerpoint)

Texas (law-related education) has classroom activities for government (all grade levels)

Using a Word Splash





Settlement and Colonization

Articles of Confederation


Growth of a Nation Powerpoint

Economic, Social, Political


Critical Analysis

A Guide to Geneology (Interview Questions)

Glencoe Links

Grading With Rubrics

Historical Documents

Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans Reference Desk

Lots of Links to Social Studies Lesson Plans

Primary Sources

U.S. History

Civil War and Reconstruction Powerpoint

Early American History Powerpoint

Quick Notes: Civil War & Reconstruction