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San Antonio I.S.D. Downloads/World Geography Lessons/U.S. Census

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San Antonio I.S.D. Downloads/World Geography Lessons/U.S. Census
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Downloads for 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, & 11th

10th Grade

Perfect Little World History Timeline

Eras Timeline

Ancient Civilizations (Great Activity)

Development of Cities

History Comic Book Template

Roman Empire Graphic Organizer

Enlightenment (graphic organizer)



Scientific Revolution

11th Grade

Constitution Leveled Text

Child Labor

Growth of Railroad


Civil Rights Slideshow

History Space Template

Cartoon Analysis Worksheet

motion picture analysis

7th Grade

7th grade timeline

Bus Tour of Texas (powerpoint)

natural regions

Regions graphic organizer

Natural Regions (2)




Place (graphic organizer)

Place (2) answers/graphic organizer

Native Americans (chart)

Chart Native Americans (2)

Tribes (graphic organizer)


Explorers (2)

8th Grade

8th (Timeline)

Colonial Economies

Growth of Representative Govt.

Political, Economic & Social (Colonies)

Pick a Place

You Are There

9th Grade

Bears in the Air: Fun but Powerful Lesson

Global Issues Fun Activity

Words Puzzle/World

Map Skills Vocabulary

5 Themes Jeopardy

To Fight or Not (Great Lesson)

Bears in the Air: Fun but Powerful Lesson

Is It Sustainable? Nice Lesson Plan

What Makes An Issue Global?

Making Global Connections: Great Activities

Global Issues Fun Activity

Words Puzzle/World

Population Migration powerpt.

World Data Sheet

Trends in Life Expectancy

World Population Hilights 1 (pdf)

Population Highlights 2 (pdf)

China's Population Trend

Infectious Diseases (pdf)

Afghanistan Powerpoint


Air Pollution Powerpoint

Climate/Weather Powerpoint

Colonialism Powerpoint (Global/Historical Perspective)

Diffusion/Popular Culture

Introduction to Geography

Global/Climate Changes

Landforms Powerpoint

Natural Resources

Race and Ethnicity

Availability of Doctors

Blue Beauty (Earth powerpoint)

Map Skills Vocabulary

Map Analysis Process

Interpreting Charts

5 Themes Jeopardy

Geography Pizza

Make a Globe

Cool Activity: Geog. Skills