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6th grade Social Studies

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World History Studies:  (Issues studied in this course include geographic, social, political, economic and historical aspects of the world)

6th Grade Social Studies Downloads

Great Powerpoints!

Kashmir Article

Checks and Balances Powerpoint

Constitution Day Activity

Excerpts from House on Mango Street

Foreign Policy


Picture of Hispanic/Mexican woman

Picture of Mexican/Hispanic woman

Pictue of Mexican/Hispanic woman

Open Word Sort

Multi-media project rubric

Vocabulary practice cards

Word Splash

Word Wall

Inventor Chart

World Religions powerpoint

Quick Cold War Notes

Physical/Cultural Geography of Americas

World War II Powerpoint Worksheet


Free Downloadable Maps: blank or labeled

Google Earth (Absolute must if you're teaching World Geo.)

Population Pyramids (every country/interactive/printable)

Gapminder: Statistics from a different perspective!

NAFTA: Updates/Myths & Realities

OPEC: Updates/Overview

Every Drop Counts

Ecological Footprints: Awesome Lesson

Asylum: WoW, you'll love this one..


Bears in the Air: Fun but Powerful Lesson

Is It Sustainable? Nice Lesson Plan

What Makes An Issue Global?

Making Global Connections: Great Activities

Global Issues Fun Activity

Words Puzzle/World

Population Migration powerpt.

World Data Sheet

Trends in Life Expectancy

World Population Hilights 1 (pdf)

Population Highlights 2 (pdf)

China's Population Trend

Infectious Diseases (pdf)

Afghanistan Powerpoint


Air Pollution Powerpoint

Climate/Weather Powerpoint

Diffusion/Popular Culture

Introduction to Geography

Global/Climate Changes

Landforms Powerpoint

Race and Ethnicity

Availability of Doctors

Blue Beauty (Earth powerpoint)

Map Skills Vocabulary

Map Analysis Process

5 Themes Jeopardy

Geography Pizza

Make a Globe

Cool Activity: Geog. Skills