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Use these graphic organizers with ELL (English Language Learners) or any student needing differentiated instruction.

Ready Made Graphic Organizers U.S. History (Colonial to Present) LARGE FILE



Think Pair Share

10 characteristics

Pre-Reading Notes

Key Concept/Synthesis:

Cause/Effect Circles

Download graphic organizers!

1st Day Fun: Getting to Know You Bingo

4 event sequence

6 event sequence

8 event sequence

Cause and Effect

I Am Poem

About Me (good to use for 1st class day)

how to summarize

Oral Presentation (notecards)

Kids rank and justify their ranking...


Nice Pre-Reading strategy

Book Critique (good for middle school; Put Reading First)

Bookmarker (good for middle school)

Each group member is assigned a duty: good for cooperative grouping

Great for discussion: Open Mind

cognitive dictionary

Flower (5 W's & cute for middle school)

double bubble map

Simple Note-taking technique

column venn diagram

Hand: 5 W's

vocabulary cards

Decision Making

Cronell Note-Taker (excellent technique to guide your kids through notetaking)

Compare and Contrast

Comparing and Contrasting Maps

what I have learned!

5 W's : Question Mark Format

Venn Diagram

Simple T Chart

Action Map

Concept Wheel

Frayer Model

Window-Pane (vocabulary)