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Hispanic Heritage Month
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San Antonio I.S.D. Downloads/World Geography Lessons/U.S. Census
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Black History Month

Saturday Night Live: The History Teacher

Games for play based learning

Teaching Children to Love Learning

MyWebspiration (create your own graphic organizers, templates galore and across all content areas)

Speeches (American Rhetoric)

Clean YouTube for Classroom Use (All Content Areas)Includes Close Captioned and Multilingual

More Graphic Organizers: Useful with English Language Learners

Create Wordle Clouds

Reading Tools for Special Needs Students

Text to Speech (Multiple Languages)

Web Poster Wizard

Kids create videos

Fun! On This Day In History (type in date and provides prices, music, t.v. shows, etc...)

Excellent Primary Sources: first person accounts and short easy reads for kids!

Downloadable old magazine articles

Great History Sites

Free/Cool "Places/Countries" video clips

Mental Maps (World Geography Fun)

World History (primary sources)

World History web site

Project Share (TEXAS LINK)

Create Population Pyramids

Food Time Line (origins of every food imaginable)

Population Clock

Learn how to podcast!

Latino/Chicano Studies (Migrants/Border Culture etc..) Excellent for kids to have a better grasp of their place in history!